About Us

Ernest Look skin care is an all organic brand from West Africa, founded on the idea of transforming nature’s purest and richest gifts, shea butter and coconut oil, into elegant beauty products that moisturise and renew the Body, Hair and entire Skin as a whole for Men, Women, Divers.

Founded by international Runway Model Trainer and Fashion Entrepreneur Ernest O. Look. Back in 2018, when I started working as a flight attendant, the problem I was having with my skin got Worse because of the cabin air, my skin was extremely dry and I tried so many different products but it wasn’t working for my skin. Then I decided to create my own skin product but with pure natural organic ingredients!

After years of using it and seeing the results of the glowing, rich and healthy skin I have decided to share with the world.

Delivering Quality and Excellence.

The brand delivers sustainable skincare, 100% organic Natural Skin products, whilst creating and empowering young Ghanaians in rural communities through its supply chain.

Ernest Look skin care is committed to excellent in quality, and to offer a range of Beauty formulations made from Shea butter and coconut oil and other natural African ingredients which are good for all skin types. Guided by a core value on sustainability, ethical nature preservation and job creation, Ernest Look skin care is one of very few companies to manufacture, sell, and export in the USA, Europe and Africa as a whole.

Ernest Look Skin Care is like a good Friend! And in our life we all need one!